The Medical British Academy stands at the forefront of healthcare excellence, guided by a deep-rooted belief that high-quality care should be universally accessible. The Academy operates with a threefold focus: delivering superior training, advancing mental health services, and implementing fully integrated hospital management systems.

In training, the Academy imparts cutting-edge hospital management information systems and conducts virtual training courses across medical, surgical, and nursing disciplines. These programs are designed to raise the bar in healthcare delivery, equipping professionals with the latest knowledge and skills.
Central to the Academy’s services are its Mental Health clinics located in the Northwest of England, Cairo, Egypt, and an expansive online reach through secure platforms like Zoom for Healthcare,, and VSee. These clinics are essential in fulfilling the Academy’s commitment to mental well-being, offering accessible and confidential care to a diverse patient base.

The third focus of the Academy is on enhancing hospital operational excellence. It provides a comprehensive hospital management system that begins with meticulous assessment and gap analysis for hospitals, followed by the development of tailored strategies. These strategies are aimed at fostering short-term improvements and long-term sustainable efficiency and profitability, ensuring that institutions deliver top-notch care while maintaining financial health.
Through these pillars, the Medical British Academy is shaping a future where healthcare standards are uniform, and excellence in hospital management is not just envisioned but realized.


Mental health

Hala Fouad

Dr Lourence Lewis-Hanna
Consultant General Adult Psychiatrist

Hala Fouad

Dr Michael Kurkar

Surgical & Medical Training

Hani Sdrak

Prof Mohamed

Vasiliki Kiparoglou

Vasiliki Kiparoglou MSc
MBA (Oxon), PhD

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Nader K Francis MBChB

Nader K Francis MBChB
FRCS, FEBS(hon), PhD

Magdy Attia

Magdy Attia
Consultant Surgeon
General Surgery, Hepatobiliary & Transplantation

Ihab M. Wissa

Ihab M. Wissa

Ayman Sorial

Ayman Sorial
MBBCh (Hons), MSc, MRCS, MD, FRCS(Trauma & Orthopaedics)
PG Cert Medical Education
Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon
Specialist Hip Fracture and Arthroplasty
Northwest Anglia NHS FT

Hospital Management & Governance

Manal Saweris

Manal Saweris MB BCh, Clinical Governance & Clinical Audit Facilitator

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Dr Naser Fouad

Dr Naser Fouad
Chairman & Chief Executive, NHMC Chairman and CEO

Hearford Grange

St Mary’s Hospital

Date: 2008-2018
Sector: Healthcare
Growth: £30m
ROI: 1:5

All Saints

Date: 2010-2018
Sector: Healthcare
Growth: £11.4m
ROI: 1:4

St Cyril’s Neurological Care and Rehabilitation Service

Victoria Gardens

Focus on Care

Elysium International Hospital
Elysium Senior Care