Manal Saweris – MB BCh

Clinical Governance & Clinical Audit Facilitator

Manal Saweris

Education & Professional Qualifications


  • MB B Ch 1983
    Ain Shams Medical School, Cairo, Egypt – (Very Good)


  • Diploma of Child Health and Paediatrics, 1991
    (Cairo Medical School University, Egypt) – (Very Good)
  • IELTS (English Language Testing System, 2001
    Euro Test Centre, Lee Green, Kent, UK
  • 1st Part MRCP-CH
  • ECDL (European Computer Driving License), 2007
    IT – Guy’s & St Thomas Hospital, London, UK


  • English
  • Arabic

Current Appointment

Company Director –  Wissa & Saeris Medical Ltd, 2022 – To date

Most recent & previous appointments

Clinical Governance & Clinical Audit Officer – Oxleas NHS Foundation NHS Trust, 2009 – To 2019

My work was based at Guy’s hospital, St Thomas’ street, LONDON SE1 9RT. I am supporting the clinical audit activities in 6 SDUs (Directorates): Children’s & Genetics, Medical Specialties, Pathologies, Therapies, Outpatients & PSS and Inpatient Services. I promote and effectively facilitate Clinical Audit annual work programme.

Clinical Governance & Clinical Audit Officer – Guys & St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust – London 2002 – 2009

My work was based at Guy’s hospital, St Thomas’ street, LONDON SE1 9RT.
I am supporting the clinical audit activities in 6 SDUs (Directorates): Children’s & Genetics, Medical Specialties, Pathologies, Therapies, Outpatients & PSS and Inpatient Services. I promote and effectively facilitate Clinical Audit annual work programme.

Honorary Post in Paediatrics & Neonatology – St Richard Hospital – Spitalfield Lane, Chichester, West Sussex, UK Sept 1999 – Feb 2000

I regularly attend Paediatrics Clinics, Asthma Clinics with a consultant with special interest in Allergies & Asthma management, Diabetes Clinic, and Gastro-enterology clinics. We had regular departmental teaching sessions, various meetings and Multidisciplinary meetings involving Obstetricians and Midwives.

Honorary Post in Paediatrics & Neonatology – Ashford & St Peter NHS Trust, Guilford Road, Chertsey, Surrey KT16 0PZ May 1999 – Aug 1999

This hospital is a large district general hospital with a large paediatrics department and an advanced SCBU which is a tertiary referral centre, and accepts babies born as early as 24 weeks gestation. I provided care for inpatients and outpatients under supervision of consultants. I was exposed to wide variety of clinical scenarios; and learned many aspects of care within the British health system.

Specialist Paediatrician – El Zawia Teaching Hospital, Cairo, EGYPT Jan 1995 – Jan 1996

As a specialist Paediatrician, I was dealing with all clinical scenarios in relation to a variety of diseases including paediatric emergencies, gastro-intestinal and cardio-respiratory disorders and diabetes, as well as care for the newborn babies.

Specialist Paediatrician – Mother & Child Health Cre Centre, Shoubra, Cairo, EGYPT Aug 1994 – Dec 1994

I gained a lot of experience in dealing and management of different physical and psychological problems of the toddler’s age, vaccinations, as well as infectious and epidemic diseases.

Specialist Paediatrician – Khazindara General Hospital, Shoubra, Cairo, EGYPT Dec 1990 – Jul 1994

I was dealing with a variety of diseases including paediatric emergencies, gastro-intestinal and cardio-respiratory disorders and diabetes, as well as management of the neonates with different problems; including resuscitation and care for the low birth weight babies.

Training and Courses

  • Skills for Life Course and Communication, Guys & St Thomas’ NHS Trust, London
  • Intermediate & Advanced Excel & Pivot Tables, Oxleas NHS F Trust, South East London
  • Presentation Skills, Oxleas NHS F Trust, South East London

Experience summary

I worked in the U.K. for almost 20 years. I worked 2 years as a Paediatrician at 3 big hospitals, and for 16 years I have been working as a Clinical Governance & Clinical Audit Facilitator at a couple of the largest Trusts in London: Guys & St Thomas’s NHS Foundation Trust for 7 years and Oxlease NHS Foundation Trust for 9 years.

As I was working as a Paediatrician I found my interest to know more about how to help in managing the quality improvement process for the health service. I decided to get involved in the process of improving the quality of the service provided to the patients by setting policies and guidelines and updating the medical protocols to impact on changing practice and improving the quality of care.

I started my new career in 2002 at Central & Southeast London and Kent.

Currently, I have great and wide experience in Clinical Governance and Audit during my work as a Clinical Governance & Audit Facilitator in a couple of the biggest and most famous Trusts and hospitals in the National Health Service in London.

I am deeply involved with Clinical Governance agenda, its principles and components in order to provide high standard health care which should be at the centre of all the activities of NHS staff – being clinicians, managers or other allied services.

I fully understand the objectives and outcomes of clinical governance such as reducing clinical practice variations and sticking to the Guidelines, reducing ineffective investigations and treatment which cost the Trust unnecessary extra money, controlling the risk and watching patient safety, increasing patient satisfaction and reducing levels of complaints.

I have been always fulfilled the requirements of work remit within the Governance & Audit Team and complied with the yearly Trust clinical audit programme and Trust’s priorities:

  • Designing effective and reliable data collection tools or questionnaires and supporting the Trust staff in their audits’ planning and choosing audit topics before commencing any audit project.
  • Constructing individually tailored electronic databases for the purpose of data entry.
  • I have a perfect grip when using the SNAP surveys programme. I can use it efficiently to create and design the on-line audits’ data collection surveys. I can manage and manipulate the data around and produce reports of the data results. Also, I can transfer the collected data into Excel spread sheet to perform data analysis with tables and charts/ graphs and write the audit reports.
  • I am competitively writing high quality, clear and comprehensive clinical audit reports.
  • I am using my wide IT experience I gained from ECDL (European Computer Driving License) qualification which enables me to use efficiently the PC Microsoft Office for a wide range of auditing purposes: e.g.
    • Experience of using word processing packages to a high level, including writing reports with charts and tables
    • High experience level of developing and using spread-sheets including data analysis using the Pivot tables, charts and graphs, Formulas, Functions, applying specialist statistical analysis techniques, managing large amounts of data, and transferring data between databases.
    • Using the Publisher to create Leaflets and Posters for presentations.
    • Efficiently using the Power Point for producing presentations
  • I have good oral and written communication skills and an ability to communicate and build up successful working relationships with a range of different staff at all levels: clinicians, clinical leads, auditors, BA (Business Analytics), coding leads, data analyst, Informatics and the Electronic patients’ records Team.
  • I successfully was supporting the clinicians to deliver their clinical audit projects which impact upon improving health care services either locally and/or Trust widely. Helping them to identify the recommendations and action plans through providing them with accurate and clear results/findings by professional data analysis complying with national standards and trust policies.
  • I shared in preparing and delivering the induction teaching presentations about Clinical Audit and Clinical Governance for new staff, junior doctors and medical students.
  • I have the ability to manage and organise my own workload, make decisions, prioritise and manage time efficiently to work on several projects at once. Also to use initiatives in the daily work and working independently and also as a part of the team.
  • I have the ability to work under pressure and spend frequent extended periods using the computer for data collection, data entry and analysis and writing reports; and engage in frequent prolonged and intense concentration all through.
  • I am very keen to maintain and improve my personal skills through participation in continuing education and other training courses and the annual audit conference.
  • I am supporting, promoting and facilitating effectively the Trust Clinical Audit annual work programme and monitoring the progress for the audit activity, as I am keen to work hard always to meet the deadlines.
  • I have been always sharing in preparation and delivering the Trust Annual Quality Improvement Showcase Events; creating and displaying Posters and Flyers, organising the speakers talks agenda, also designing Audit Leaflets to be distributed to the participants.
  • My great and wide medical knowledge and experience I have gained from my medical background as a Specialist Paediatrician for many years between Egypt and the UK gave me well orientation and understanding of the medical knowledge and terminology required for the process of Quality Improvement of the service provided to the patients through my Clinical Governance and Audit career.